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“Turn Around and Run Away...Far, Far Away from TIAA”

one of few firms to still offer a pension plan (note: 3 year vesting) - that's all.


bureaucratic environment, bonuses and promotions given based on favoritism not merit, constant layoffs which are managed by the firm in quantities that do not get noticed by clients or the media, those left at the firm are long-timers (aka to expense to layoff with severance) or friends-of-executives, toxic environment further exacerbated by rolling back the work from home option for employees.

Advice to Candidates

DON'T DO IT - you will regret it. if you care about your work, then this is not the firm for you. to succeed at TIAA you must smooch and kiss your boss' *$$ or you must be brought in by an executive and then you will be taken care of. the toxic environment makes it impossible to survive the 3 years to vest in the pension and 401k, thus, you would have wasted your time.

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