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About ICAP

If it's well brokered, don't fix it

ICAP is one of the world's leading interdealer brokers in international finance, and a provider of market information and commentary for business professionals all over the world.  In simplest terms, the company is a facilitator, matching buyers and sellers that trade in the global wholesale financial markets and earning its keep on the commissions.  With commercial and investment banks as clients, ICAP offers an array of OTC financial products and services: foreign exchange, equity markets, commodities, interest rates, and credit.  In fact, ICAP handles $2.3 trillion worth of transactions daily, with $900 billion of that figure resulting from electronic operations.

The company has 1,000 employees stationed in North and South America, and a large portion of them work in Jersey City, N.J. in its second largest office.  (Other "Americas" outposts are in Louisville, Ky., Houston and Sugarland, Tex., Chapel Hill, N.C., Burlington, Mass., Wilton, Conn., and Toronto, Canada, and in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and six South American countries.)  In November 2008 ICAP announced it had reached an agreement to acquire one of Brazil's top independent brokers, Arkhe Distribuidora de ta tulos e Valores Mobili¡rios.  ICAP's London headquarters is home to 1,250 employees, including 740 brokers. The firm has six other branches in Europe, each providing unique services to its region.


Harborside Financial Center
1100 Plaza Five, 12th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07311
Phone: (212) 815-9080

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