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“CalPERS Not A Recommended Employer 2018”

Steady Paycheck Not Worth It. Fresh air by the river setting.


Non-Modern Autocratic and/or Military type of Management style dominates at all levels of Management at CalPERS. Management at all levels are low-skilled, do not demonstrate professionalism or have a Management education background or appropriate experience for their position level they obtained . Many workers promoted or hired do not have a related college degree or meet relevant K.S.A. job posting qualifications. My long term fellow employee contacts worked in all departments and they say as I do that the CalPERS hiring/promotion/pay way is consistently unfair. Questionable hiring/promotion practices include “reclassifying” a favored employee position classification without requiring them to compete in “State classification” examinations like others or hand picking who they want to hire in advance of posting the job. HR hiring personnel advised me that they have someone already picked out during the posting period that did not end yet! CalPERS does not demonstrate equal opportunity for all and is also biased toward favoritism, nepotism and special interests. There own reports clearly show age discrimination. Hiring, training and promotion practices are often arbitrary. HR is low skilled and does not follow employment and disability regulations. Getting another job at another State of CA agency is not easy as expected. Contracted pay terms are not paid. Those working earnestly are not equally paid like others who do the same work or most often unable to advance in this disrespectful State Government Organization.

The employee environment can also be described as bullying, retaliatory or negative. There is pervasive perfectionism, false witnessing, high production expectations, at times over-the-top criticality and some bosses who roll their fists in the air while pushing employees. Employees become over-stressed and unhealthy or burned-out. Co-workers, Consultants, H.R. and Management all contribute to making the work environment hostile and non-team orientated.

Advice to Candidates

Management often ignores and has intentionally prevented employees from achieving their career desires or goals; annual employee review processes are corrupt and what is promised to the employee not delivered. You do not have freedom of speech and retaliation is very present throughout this workplace. Manager’s/Lead’s, including Executive Mgmt. verbally abuse workers openly throughout the work campus and security there works for CalPERS management as does HR. The CalPERS Ethic’s hotline is corrupt as Management advised me that they have targeted an employee who reported a truthful issue there, creating a false new performance claim against the reporter!

I have many, many years of very earnest work experience at CalPERS with strong relevant K.S.A.’s and not recommending employment there today. If you like working at CalPERS, then really who do you serve, what is your intent for your work and honestly what are your human values? The steady paycheck and negative work environment may not be worth severe health problems you will get over time working hard at CalPERS.

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