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About CalPERS

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) was started in 1931, one year after California voters approved an amendment to the state constitution in which the state would provide pensions to its employees. The organization underwent a few name changes since its inception. It was called SERS (State Employees’ Retirement System) until 1967, then PERS (Public Employees’ Retirement System) until 1992. CalPERS is operated by a Board of Administration that is comprised of elected officials.

CalPERS has an employee recognition program with several key components, including quarterly awards for excellence, annual recognition awards with trophy, cash reward, and luncheon, and its employee-to-employee “You Are the Rock” program. The program encourages appreciation between associates, and helps to build camaraderie. The organization also offers employee perks such as an on-site child care facility, and a training and wellness program.

CalPERS’ inclusive culture welcomes diverse viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds. CalPERS has an award-winning diversity and inclusion affinity group, and an active resource group for people with disabilities. In order to apply for employment with CalPERS, prospective employees must first complete an assessment exam. Career opportunities can be found in accounting, actuarial science, analytics, auditing, investing, IT, labor relations, legal, research, and more.


400 Q Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: (888) 225-7377

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Employer Type: Government Agency
CEO: Marcie Frost

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Fresno, CA
Glendale, CA
Orange, CA
San Bernardino, CA

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