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About Squarespace, Inc.

In 2003, Anthony Casalena found himself in the predicament of wishing for a place on the web that combined separate softwares in one place, so he got to work to make this a reality. Within a couple of months, his personal project of building his own site had taken off and Squarespace was born. Since then, the creative tools company has grown to 580 employees operating out of its New York headquarters, with additional offices in Portland and one overseas in Dublin. Squarespace allows users to build personal or corporate websites from scratch with easy-to-use templates, low monthly costs, and growth analysis from Squarespace Analytics.

Out of the Woods

Anthony Casalena started learning to code from his home in “the middle of the woods of Massachusetts,” teaching himself C++ Builder and VisualBasic while just starting high school. If this sounds like the perfect setup for one of Malcom Gladwell’s examples of a 10,000 hour success story, be assured it is. Within years, Casalena was interning at HyperOffice, where his skill set further developed. Once in college, Casalena was part of the “tech bubble”, a time when bloggers were just discovering WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.

In an attempt to create his own personal website, Casalena realized that all of the services were separate, from hosting, blogging, image, page building, analytics, and even good design. He figured in order to have one place with all, he would have to make his own. With an eye on design, Casalena created his own webpage, sharing it with friends and family, and inquiries for their own started to pour in.

An Eye on the Big Apple

New York City was the goal Casalena always had post-graduation, and he moved his servers there before he did himself. While the company had purely operated as a one-man operation for its first three years, Casalena realized that in order to provide the service he wanted, it was imperative to take care of the customers’ needs. Thus, the customer care team became established. Casalena slowly began hiring and delegating the work he had previously done by himself (coding, marketing, advertising, customer care, design, infrastructure setup, and more) to others, building teams as Squarespace’s popularity rapidly grew.

Reaching New Audiences

Squarespace was not using marketing tools in its first years, but once Casalena began tweaking his Google AdWords in attempts to find out what targeted audiences, the business gained recognition from the tech industry. Squarespace moved into sponsoring video podcasts, which opened up a whole new audience and fully changed the business of Squarespace. Within months, the user base had grown tremendously and changed the way Squarespace operated as a whole.

Today, Squarespace hosts millions of websites from entrepreneurs, to established businesses and its origins—personal websites. From fashion design companies to an animal welfare and kombucha start-up, Squarespace has attracted notable users such as Nasty Gal, the Marina Abramovic Institute, Rodarte, and Kombucha Dog, to name a few. 

Squarespace, Inc.

8 Clarkson St
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (646) 580-3456

Firm Stats

Founder & CEO: Anthony Casalena
CFO: Nicole Anasenes
CCO: David Lee
2016 Employees (All Locations): 580

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Portland, OR