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About Media Temple, Inc.

GoDaddy is the gateway to the internet for millions of people and small businesses with something to say, something to show, and something to sell. The company provides cloud-based solutions, delivering simple, easy-to-use products, services and outcome-driven, personalized guidance to small businesses, individuals, organizations, developers, designers, and domain investors. GoDaddy's pricing on domain names, website creation, and hosting services have made it the largest global domain registrar accredited by internet regulatory body ICANN, boasting almost 80 million domain names – more than 20% worldwide. Majority of GoDaddy's revenue are generated domestically.


GoDaddy makes money from domain registration, around 45% of revenue, hosting and presence, about 40%, and business applications (domain-specific email addresses, email marketing, and payment services), more than 15% of revenue.

The company also offers a growing number of business applications for ecommerce, marketing, and engaging customers through social media.

The company have designed and developed an extensive set of easy-to-use cloud-based technology products enabling its customers to establish a digital presence, connect with its customers and manage its ventures.

Geographic Reach

Based in Arizona, GoDaddy also has its own its offices in Hiawatha, Iowa. It has additional Customer Care centers and offices located throughout the US as well as internationally in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, India, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Spain and the U.K. Almost 35% of GoDaddy's customers are located in international markets, notably Canada, India, Australia, and the U.K.

The company provide its cloud-based products via a network of data centers that the company own and operate in Phoenix, Arizona; co-located data centers located throughout the US in Arizona, California, Missouri, Virginia and New York; and co-located data centers located internationally in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.K.

Sales and Marketing

GoDaddy had been a Super Bowl advertiser for a dozen straight years, raising notoriety as well as awareness of its products and services. Its advertising and image paid off with a widely recognized brand that's garnered 80% awareness and helped it gain 18.5 million customers. The company has turned to targeted online marketing programs for generating leads generation, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and targeted email and social media marketing campaigns. The company also finds new customers through referrals from current customers.

The company established this high level of brand awareness primarily through its advertising campaigns across various platforms including television commercials, print, online and billboards, and have supplemented these advertising campaigns with athlete, celebrity sponsorships and social media influencers.

The company's marketing and advertising expenses were $345.6 million, $291.4 million and $253.2 million during 2019, 2018 and 2017, respectively.

Financial Performance

GoDaddy's revenue has grown at a 17% average annual rate over the past five years with the help of acquisitions.

The company has a total revenue of $3.0 billion in 2019, an increase of 12%. The increase in total revenue was driven by growth in total customers and ARPU as well as having a full year of revenue from MSH in 2019, partially offset by the impact of movements in foreign currency exchange rates. The company's profit increased to $137 million in 2019 from $77.1 million due to higher revenue and other income.

GoDaddy's coffers held $1.1 billion in cash and equivalents in 2019 compared to $932.4 million the year before. In 2019, operations generated $723.4 million, while investing activities used $135.3 million and financing activities used another $456.9 million.


Domain registrars are organizations that have its own domain registration offerings, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), but who use Godaddy's domain registration and management platform. These commercial arrangements provide for strategic relationships with many key platforms, as well as enable further scale of the company's domain registration technology and insights. Domain investors are individuals and organizations who manage a portfolio of registered domains for the purpose of selling via secondary markets. These investors bring a unique and valuable resource to the company's business in the form of liquidity and the ability to help Godaddy's other populations (Independents and Partners) successfully find the name they prefer.

The company's latest merchandising strategies, such as free trials and an increased mix of monthly product subscriptions, drove more renewal billings to its website and away from the GoDaddy Guides during 2019, which it expects to continue in the future.

Mergers and Acquisitions

GoDaddy has three acquisitions in early 2020: The company acquires Over to Help Everyday Entrepreneurs Easily Create Engaging Visual Content Online. The Over app enables anyone to create inspiring content quickly on a mobile phone for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular social platforms, as well as email marketing campaigns and websites. It features a vast library of hand-curated, professionally designed templates and layout for quick customization that standout and grab attention; GoDaddy acquires Uniregistry's Registrar, Marketplace & Portfolio. Uniregistry started in 2014 by catering to domain name investors with specialized tools to register, manage and sell domains. It later expanded its service to other audiences while still focusing on domain name investors; and also, the acquisition of Neustar's Registry Business. The Neustar Registry business features a high-performance backend registry technology platform and enhanced domain security systems that enable people and brands to seamlessly connect and transact online with speed, security and reliability.

Company Background

Chairman Bob Parsons founded the company in 1997. Go Daddy has experienced rapid growth in its short history in part due to high-profile advertising campaigns that included Super Bowl commercials.

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