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In the constantly morphing digital age, it is critical for companies to be able to engage with their customers, speak to them and communicate through digestible, accessible platforms. That’s where Hootsuite comes in. Hootsuite strengthens companies’ connections with their clientele through social media. It gives companies the resources and strategies to create a strong and creative presence on social media. 

Hootsuite has over 800 clients in the Fortune 1000, including Melia Hotels International, Marketo, and SXSW. Their diverse portfolio of clients gives them a keen insight into the audiences and markets of various industries, allowing for unique strategic solutions that are sure to deliver results in social media engagement. In 2021, it was awarded “Leader” status by G2 Crowd as the 2nd best software for marketers and the 11th best software product in the world. Hootsuite is on the cutting edge of social media marketing. Much like the flexible strategies they develop with their clients, their own approach to business and the social world is ever-evolving with the times; they’ve recently bolstered their tactics as social media becomes more important in reaching customers remotely to help companies fit into the current conversation, allowing the social aspect of social media to do the work for them, as clients experience online engagement with other customers as well as the company all in the same place. This innovation in “social listening” is just one of the many tactics created by the company that makes them an up-and-coming leader in marketing. 

Hootsuite offers flexible and affordable payment options that allow companies to utilize Hootsuite’s tools when they need to, and then put those practices into play independently as they learn and grow. However, Hootsuite is constantly innovating new ideas and learning with the changing social plane, so companies benefit from sticking with them so that they’re always on the top of their social media game.


111 East 5th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 4L1
Phone: (888) 350-5191

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Employer Type: Public
CEO: Ryan Holmes

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New York, NY
Mexico City
Toronto, ON
Vancouver, BC (HQ)