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“bubble culture at its finest”

Over five years I helped the production department overcome challenges that were rewarding in their own regard. I truly enjoyed being a part of the community before it was infiltrated by those who have a thirst for extremely bad business practices, and are there to "dumb down" the content and community to avoid having to do "actual research".


It was great! But it's changed :(

Now its creating a culture of false-image at the cost "integrity" and it is just sad to watch a beautiful community blow its potential on vanity and desperate facades for corporate gain.

Advice to Candidates

BE AWARE: THIS COMPANY IS FAMOUS FOR EXTREMELY SEVERE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS. Without deterring anyone completely, I can say from experience and all that I've witnessed that this is more true than can actually be comprehended. A special kind of ignorance comes into play with this "bubble culture phenomena" that keeps GAIA, INC afloat. Be careful what/whom you believe, as it's loaded with 2 faced personas that gaslight people simply out of spite and lack of and talent or skill whatsoever.

Newsflash: Many of the good people that put up with way too much over the years in order to MAKE this company great are being weened out in secret to avoid backlash, and most disrespectfully so. Prepare to be apologetically underpaid, overworked, and made a scapegoat by those praying on the vulnerabilities of an understaffed facility that simply desires to get as much for as little as possible, while being accountable for nothing.

Also, beware those who call themselves "lead" anything as far as a title is concerned, (i.e. lead researcher, or lead life coach) they are mostly false titles self assumed in the vacuous wake of unsupervised transitions divisively ployed (shhh in "secret") to fool new bosses (yes, they come and go at an astonishing rateā€¦) into believing people are whatever they want to call themselves. The myriads of problems that arise from this hollowed sense of fake-bettering by what is nothing more than blatant delusional role playing, may just be the seed of it's forecasted entropic demise, infiltrated from the inside. Enjoy the ride.

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