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About Everyday Health, Inc.

Everyday Health wants to be your virtual apple a day. The online health information provider operates websites that give free and subscription-based advice regarding fitness, nutrition, and treatment options to some 44 million monthly visitors. Its websites -- such as, and -- allow consumers to search health topics (including symptoms) and join online communities. It generates revenues primarily from advertising fees, sponsorships, and subscriptions. Everyday Health was acquired by J2 Global in 2016. 


Everyday Health offers services such as: Health Topics; Wellness; Food & Eating; and Drugs & Supplements.

Health topics discussed about abdominal pain, ablation, abortion, ace inhibitors, acetylcholine, acinetobacter, acl tear, acne, addiction, adenoidectomy, adhd, agoraphobia, alcoholism, allergies, als, alternative health, alzheimer's disease, amenorrhea, amino acids, aminoglycosides, etc.

Drugs & Supplements offers products such as Ace inhibitors, aminoglycosides, analgesics, antacids, antidepressants, antihistamines, antipsychotics, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, beta blockers, bisphosphonates, cephalosporins, contraceptives, among others.

Everyday Health do more than research, fact-check, and interview. Through its products like Visualizer, Social Rx, Ask Your Doctor Explained, MyDaily, and Tippi, it strives to answer the specific questions that their audience might not have even known to ask in a way that appeals visually, educationally, emotionally, and personally.

Geographic Reach

Everyday Health's headquarters is located in New York City.

Sales and Marketing

Everyday Health has around 44 million monthly unique users, a registered community of 70 million, and a social media audience of 5.9 million.

Everyday Health, Inc.

345 Hudson St Rm 1600
New York, NY 10014-7120
Phone: 1 (646) 728-9500

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Publicly Owned
President: Miki Kapoor
Chairman: Douglas W. McCormick
CEO and Director: Benjamin Wolin
Employees (This Location): 120
Employees (All Locations): 735

Major Office Locations

New York, NY