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RhythmOne helps drive real business outcomes in multiscreen advertising. It offers technological efficiency at every stage of the process to help effectively connect buyers to sellers and engage consumers on formats spanning video and connected TV (CTV), in-app, and display.  RhythmOne's offices are located in the US, Singapore, and Israel. Founded in 2004, the company has evolved to become a major global player in programmatic advertising. It is now owned by advertising technology company Tremor International.


With strong publisher relationships offering direct access to premium and diverse multiscreen supply, and connections to a number of the world's major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), RhythmOne is among the world's largest brand-safe programmatic platforms.

RhythmOne's Private Marketplaces (PMPs) offer unique multiscreen supply through its controlled inventory, enhanced through our extended supply. A unified tech stack, the backbone of the RhythmOne Programmatic Platform, is designed to help facilitate faster and more efficient transactions between buyers and sellers from bid to delivery. It is also aligned with the RhythmOne Data Management Platform (DMP), which builds proprietary audience segments and offers unique audience segmentation to DSPs and agency trading desks. Brand safety is at the heart of its offering. Supported by RhythmGuard, its proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmOne consistently achieves top-tier ratings in third-party rankings such as the Pixalate Seller Trust Indexes.

In addition, it also offers third-party Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) a single connection and access point to premium buyers and top agency relationships. And as a subsidiary of Tremor International, we also uniquely deliver access to Tremor Video demand.

Geographic Reach

The company's offices are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Columbia, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. It also has international offices in Singapore and Israel.


RhythmOne launched in early-2020 a new set of self-serve tools for publishers to activate programmatic deals across connected TV (CTV), video and banner inventory via deal IDs — providing enhanced reporting and transparency to help maximize yield for their premium inventory. To access the tools, the company also launched its new Partner Hub for publishers — an enhanced online portal designed to help publishers more easily and effectively manage revenue earned through the RhythmOne supply-side platform (SSP).

RhythmOne's self-serve tools are focused on helping publishers to take more control, through streamlining incurred fees and addressing supply fragmentation concerns by delivering value and advantages unique to the company's SSP. Its goals are to arm them with tools that maximize their revenue generation potential, and provide a campaign platform that offers robust reporting and transparency to drive quality global demand, all at a very competitive fee structure.

The launch of new self-serve tools and Partner Hub provides RhythmOne publishers with omnichannel demand, more controls to activate programmatic deals, and a more robust and easy-to-use interface for account management. Advertisers also benefit from programmatic direct deals in that they allow buyers to programmatically purchase a set amount of impressions with guaranteed access to a publisher's premium inventory at a predetermined price. This helps to ensure that the buyer reaches their desired audience with desired targeting and knows where their ads are being displayed.


Phone: 44 020 8906 6857

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Publicly Owned
Chairman: Raj Chellaraj
CEO: S. Brian Mukherjee
Chief Business Officer: Frank Pao

Major Office Locations


Other Locations

Santa Monica, CA
Waterloo, Canada