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Founded in Illinois nearly 100 years ago, State Farm provides insurance for every need, from pet coverage and insurance on personal articles to business policies and life insurance. State Farm is a top 50 company in the Fortune 500, and its financial capabilities allow for innovations and progress that are changing the insurance industry for the better. The company has paved the way in providing competitive and affordable policies, and in studying and knowing our world so that policies can adapt to any moment or situation, no matter how surprising. 

State Farm’s research and thought leadership make it a unique player in the insurance game. Take the rise of drone technology. State Farm has been working with Virginia Tech since 2018 to study and test drone technology so that it can incorporate drones and related technology into its coverage. During the wildfires in the western U.S. in 2020, State Farm was on the scene helping families in the wake of tragedy. In 2021, after studying the environment and the natural disaster, as well as the old ways they covered wildfires, State Farm rose to the challenge of fighting climate change by molding its coverage to directly help those impacted by increased wildfires. Performing studies and research like this allows State Farm to help its clients when new environmental factors and technology come into play.

State Farm also knows the value of collaboration. The investing arm of the company, State Farm Ventures, invests in solutions that can help provide the best, most cutting-edge insurance. Its portfolio includes companies like Next Droid Intelligent Machines and Hover, companies that focus on creating new technology that provides exciting and better ways to go about our daily lives and tasks. Working with these companies helps State Farm to understand what to cover in its policies today and how to use the technology to its full potential, creating insurance that’s trustworthy and dependable for the long haul.

State Farm offers many career opportunities in the corporate sector and on its insurance agent team. Whether you’re on the ground with clients or working to maintain State Farm’s streamlined business strategy, you’ll be a part of leading innovations and knowledge, providing the best and most advanced coverage to a large clientele. For students and experienced professionals, State Farm offers career in many areas, including underwriting, investment analysis, engineering, technology, software development, sales, legal, and more. 

State Farm

1 State Farm Plaza, Bloomington
Bloomington, IL 61710
Phone: (309) 766-2311

Firm Stats

CEO: Michael L. Tipsord

Major Office Locations

Sandy Springs, GA
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ