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About Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

The Progressive Corporation, long a leader in nonstandard, high-risk personal auto insurance, has motored beyond its traditional business into standard-risk and preferred auto insurance, as well as other personal-use vehicle coverage (think motorcycles, RVs, and snowmobiles). Its insurance carriers include majority-owned American Strategic Insurance. Progressive also offers commercial policies for heavy trucks, vans, and lighter trucks. It writes a bit of professional liability insurance for directors and officers, as well as residential property insurance for homeowners. The company markets directly to consumers online and by phone, and through more than 35,000 independent agents who account for the majority of its business.


Progressive operates through five reportable segments: Personal Lines (the largest segment, accounting for more than 80% of total revenue), Commercial Lines (about 10% of revenue), Property, Other Indemnity (run-off operations), Service Businesses, and Reinsurance.

The company primarily offers coverage to auto insurance customers, underwritten by third-party insurance carriers. Progressive also offers personal umbrella insurance that provides coverage for the extras in life, such as personal injury and legal defense. Majority-owned subsidiary American Strategic Insurance provides home insurance. Progressive had 18.2 million policies in force at the end of 2017.

Geographic Reach

Progressive operates throughout the US; it also sells personal auto insurance online in Australia.

In addition to its headquarters, additional offices, call center, warehouse space, and service centers in Mayfield Village, Ohio, the company owns locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida; and Tempe, Arizona.

Sales and Marketing

Progressive's US customer service group (which support policy servicing, agency distribution, claims, and direct sales operations) is located at call centers in Mayfield Village, Ohio; Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida; Sacramento, California; Tempe, Arizona; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The company sells its personal lines through more than 35,000 independent agencies and through partnerships with other insurance companies and financial institutions. It also sells directly to customers online and by telephone.

Commercial lines are distributed directly and through independent agencies.

Total advertising costs in 2017 totaled $1 billion, versus $756.2 million in 2016 and $748.3 million in 2015.

Financial Performance

Organic growth has lifted the company's revenues every year since 2008. Revenue grew 14% to $26.8 billion in 2017 as net premiums earned increased. Most significantly, Personal Lines premiums rose to $21.9 billion, but Commercial Lines grew, as well. Investment income and fees and service revenue also rose that year.

Net income, which fell in 2015 and 2016, rebounded in 2017. It increased 54% to $1.6 billion that year, largely due to revenue growth.

Cash flow from operations has generally been rising for the past few years. In 2017, operating cash flow increased 18% to $3.8 billion. That improvement was driven by positive changes in unearned premiums and loss adjustment taxes payable.


Unlike some insurers who, in fat markets, earn more from their investments than their premiums, more than 90% of Progressive's revenues have historically come from policy premiums.

The company's actual insurance operations have remained profitable and have grown as it has entered into new geographic markets and expanded the online distribution of its personal auto products. Already among the leading US auto insurers based on premiums (just behind State Farm and Allstate), Progressive is aiming to be on top.

The auto insurance industry is highly competitive, with large carriers and regional carriers competing for market share. Because it is fairly easy for customers to switch auto insurers, Progressive competes on price and accessibility. To attract new customers the company's television ads featuring its perky spokesperson "Flo" have shot up the company's brand recognition. Operating on the premise that a few drivers are responsible for the majority of claims and that previous risk models were incomplete, Progressive is now also offering rates that are tied to actual usage.

Another key strategy for Progressive is to continue making its move into the home insurance market. It has been promoting its residential products through bundled packages with lower auto rates. In 2017 the company began re-branding its majority-owned homeowners' insurance carrier American Strategic Insurance to the Progressive name to make it easier to sell auto and home bundles. This cross-selling strategy comes with a retention benefit: Once a customer has bought a bundled package of home/auto/umbrella coverage, they are also much less likely to switch insurance providers.

All of these strategies have helped the company continue its growing streak. It has added more than 2,000 new net jobs every year since 2015, and it plans to add more than 3,000 in 2018 alone.

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Mayfield Village, OH 44143-2109
Phone: 1 (440) 461-5000


Employer Type: Privately Owned
Chief Security Officer: Paul Beckwith
Vice President, Real Estate: Ron Marotto
Managing Director Supervisor: Hernan Morales
Employees (This Location): 3,300
Employees (All Locations): 11,724

Major Office Locations

Mayfield Village, OH

Other Locations

Tempe, AZ
Glendale, CA
Torrance, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Dover, DE
Doral, FL
Pensacola, FL
Sarasota, FL
Acworth, GA
Decatur, GA
Metairie, LA
Hagerstown, MD
Silver Spring, MD
Vestal, NY
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Houston, TX
Springfield, VA
North York, Canada