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New York Life Insurance Company

About New York Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1841, New York Life Insurance originally sold fire and marine insurance policies. Like other companies at the time, New York Life sold insurance policies to people involved in the Civil War. In the late 1800s, New York Life was the very first insurance provider in the U.S. to start selling life insurance policies to women. Its main headquarters was built in 1928 on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue—where New York Life remains headquartered today.

New York Life offers life insurance, retirement funds, estate planning, investment and wealth management, and more. New York Life has a wide variety of opportunities for prospective employees of different skill sets and disciplines, including data analytics, investments, marketing and communication, legal, IT, and more.

New York Life has partnered with Cigna to create the Brave of Heart Fund, which is designed to provide financial as well as emotional support to the families of healthcare workers who have lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. The company prides itself on being committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Employee resource groups have been put in place to help create an environment of acceptance and understanding of employees’ unique cultures and differences.

New York Life Insurance Company

51 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Firm Stats

CEO: Theodore A. Mathas

Major Office Locations

Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Edison, NJ
Glendale, CA
Fairview, OH
New York, NY

Major Departments & Practices

Data Science and AI
Finance & Accounting
Marketing and Communications
Legal Compliance and Risk