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3 Employee Reviews
“Need to catch up to the present era”

Generous PTO


Good training

Worked with some good people

Mentors are helpful and knowledgable

Work from home

Flexible work hours

Some employees have been there for over 20 years.


Pay not up industry standards

Training is through online courses with instructor with other employees not individually.


High stress

Ridiculous workload

No pension for those who have started after a certain point

Outdated systems

Too many company policy quizzes.

Advice to Candidates

To work at this company you need to have a Type A personality. You need to work well under pressure. You need to be able to work with too much micromanagement that takes up too much of your time. You need to be able to perform and be competitive with your peers.

The training is intense and lasts three months but you learn a lot. You are trained online with other employees with an instructor, so not trained individually. This will take longer for you to learn the systems.

There is ongoing training which can get in the way of your heavy workload, and it is mandatory that you do them.

Your teammates and the people you're assigned to assist can get reassigned. You can be assisting more than 3 people at a time and they can be working remotely. If the person(s) you're assigned to get reassigned to someone else, it can be confusing and not good for the clients who have already established a working relationship with that person and you. You then may be assigned to assist someone new to the company, new to you or both. You have to start again to get to know the person and even train them on some systems, since some systems are very complicated. This takes time and can impact our workload.

It's mandatory to have meetings with whomever you're assigned to assist in individual meetings. Not all of them have the time to have these meetings and they do it remotely if not in the office. If you don't get the meeting you were scheduled for you have to let your manager know. This can create discord with you and that person you were to have the meeting with.

They say your review is based on the quality of your work but it is also based on metrics. They said they had phased that out but it still exists. One-on-one meetings with managers can take time from the work and mostly the managers will tell you what you are doing wrong. This can impact your outlook and morale. They want everyone to be cut from the same cloth so to speak. so if you do not fit their type of employee you will be more closel

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