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“Be careful working at this place”

There are plenty of work. The inner work environment appeared to be supportive to one another.


Poor management/leadership that do not value its employees and openly disrespect one another.

Employee performance review is dictated by the management. i.e, you are told what to put on your review. It does not reflect with what you really do or feel. No matter how good you are, they will always find something to bring one down.

Your head is on the target if you openly share real issues.

If a VP is not happy with you, the VP will find its way to get rid of you.

Lack of manager support and encouragement to do the right thing/justice. If one is scheduled to on vacation, do not count on anyone to back one up.

Leadership does not stand behind hard working individual.

There is a good-ole-boy-and-girl-club. If you are not in the circle, you are not going anywhere.

Advice to Candidates

If one believes that working hard and get promotion because of one worked hard, this place is NOT for you.

Be prepare to work hard and stay there to work hard.

The Human Resource dpt. is not there for you. It is there to protect the company.

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