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“Geico Indemnity Company”

Their claims training is very thorough and comprehensive. The pay and medical insurance is good.


There is a huge amount of micromanagement and it is a very critical atmosphere. There is very little emphasis on what you do right and a huge amount of emphasis on what you did wrong-no matter how insignificant. If you don't have a good supervisor, you can expect that if you have any difficulties that you will be put on a performance management plan without any real plan to help improve your performance. The stats that employee job performance are measured by are heavily focused on new claim handling and handling the existing claims that are assigned to you, which encourages employees to improperly handle calls from customers with existing claims that are assigned to someone else. The person who the claim is assigned to is then held responsible for this. You will be put in no-win situations like being told that you can not make outbound calls because the inbound call volume is so high and then being downgraded on a file because you didn't make an outbound call on an existing claim. They are often so understaffed that you will not have time to work your existing claims properly. There is no short term disability coverage offered so if you do not have adequate sick time, you will not get paid.

Advice to Candidates

I would say that Geico is a good choice for getting thorough claims training and some experience that will allow you to get a better claims position elsewhere.

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