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About Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc.

Anthem Health Plans of Virginia raises a song of health insurance to many residents of the Old Dominion State. An Anthem subsidiary and the state's largest health insurer, the company provides PPO, HMO, and traditional indemnity health plans to individuals, groups, and government employees. Its health plan offerings include Medicare supplemental and Medicare Advantage plans, as well as HMOs (under the name HealthKeepers Plus) for Medicaid recipients. Anthem Health Plans of Virginia also sells some non-Blue insurance products including life, accident, and disability coverage. The company is a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and does business as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


The company is one of several divisions that operate under the Anthem brand. Through its HealthKeepers unit (operating as HealthKeepers Plus), Anthem Health of Virginia offers Medicaid plans under the state FAMIS (Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan) and FAMIS Plus (children's Medicaid for low-income families) programs. HealthKeepers Plus also offers Medicaid managed care plans known as Medallion II plans.

The health plan's life and disability offerings are provided through affiliate Anthem Life. Through other Anthem affiliates, the company offers consumer driven health plans, vision plans, and dental plans. It also offers Anthem's Federal Blue program for federal employees and BlueCard coverage for multistate employer groups. The Anthem companies promote preventative care and wellness programs as a means of lowering health care costs.

Each year Anthem Health Plans of Virginia conducts community outreach programs to improve wellness and awareness in the community.

Geographic Reach

Anthem Health Plans of Virginia operates throughout most of Virginia, excluding some suburban areas outside of Washington, DC (Fairfax, Vienna, and an area east of State Route 123). The company has 16 offices across the state.


The company widens its operations by extending plan offerings into new territories. In 2012, for instance, Anthem Health Plans of Virginia's HealthKeepers Plus division expanded its Medallion II and FAMIS offerings into three new counties (Amherst, Appomattox, and Campbell) and the city of Lynchburg. In 2013 the company launched certain HealthKeepers plans on the new state health insurance exchange marketplace.

Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc.

2015 Staples Mill Rd
Richmond, VA 23230-3108
Phone: 1 (804) 354-7000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Regional Vice President, Government Finance: James Maguire
Vice President Human Resources: Christine Miller
Regional Vice President, Medical Director: David Pryor
Employees (This Location): 1,100
Employees (All Locations): 3,112

Major Office Locations

Richmond, VA

Other Locations

Bristol, VA