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“Office politics, ongoing employee turnover, no advancement opportunities.”

The benefits are good-but the pay is not commensurate with the industry standard for the positions offered. They have a good reputation in the industry for claims handling, and a good financial rating. There is continuing education available, and a budgeted amount given to each office for employee recognition.


Office politics were terrible at the local branch. The external and internal image of the company is carefully polished, but the reality does not match what is conveyed. Training is problematic-due to being shorthanded in staffing to begin with. Turnover was crazy-in an 18-person staff in a combination of separations, retirements, and one transfer-I saw 8 people leave during my time there, and a manager step down. My leaving was due to a pattern of disrespect, the realization that I was being pigeon-holed in my position, and the feeling that I was being targeted for having medical issues that were costly in regard to their insurance plan.

Advice to Candidates

It may be a good starting place to learn the business-but if you expect advancement, you are best advised to come in through the Future Leader's Program, or to work at home office, not one of the branch offices. You have to watch your back constantly, and be prepared for the rug to be pulled out from under you at any moment-no matter how competent you may be. In fact, if you are too competent and stand out, that could be a problem too, especially if your managers are threatened by your drive or your astuteness. Amica is definitely in denial about what is happening at their branch offices, because they are depending on management to run them that are more interested in protecting their positions than being honest about problems that need to be addressed to further the aims of the company.

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