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AFLAC, or the American Family Life Assurance Company, has been in the insurance game for over six decades, providing accident, illness, supplemental insurance, and more to over 50 million people across the globe. The Fortune 500 company prioritizes its policyholders over its stakeholders, assuring fast cash benefits so folks can focus on their wellbeing and not their budgets. Its plethora of policy options makes it a leader in client protection. It benefits that may not be offered on clients’ medical insurance, so recovery doesn’t have to be a luxury. 

AFLAC’s goals and ethos come through even more in its contributions to the community. The company has donated over 140 million dollars to children’s cancer research and treatment, and supported employees’ local non-profit organizations through volunteerism and donations. Working at AFLAC, you’ll be a part of a culture that looks out for the community not simply by doing good business but also by bringing good directly to the community. In March 2021, AFLAC closed its first sustainability bond, emphasizing the real person priority of the company . AFLAC is committed to serving not only its current policyholders but also future generations, helping to assure a healthier future by living more sustainably today.

A Fortune 500 company, AFLACK lacks no care for its employees. It offers unique benefits like a myriad of advancement opportunities, onsite childcare, and onsite health clinics. The company offers opportunities from your undergrad career to well into professional life. Its summer internship program allows undergraduate students to explore every aspect of AFLAC’s business, from marketing to legal services. At AFLAC, your career involves so much more than just writing up insurance policies. You’ll be a part of a global effort to help people all over the globe get through hard times and not just survive, but thrive.



175 Water St.
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 770-7000

Firm Stats

CEO Chair: Daniel P. Amos

Major Office Locations

Omaha, NE
Columbia, SC
Albany, NY
New York, NY
Tokyo, Japan

Major Departments & Practices

Accounting and Finance
Actuarial and Risk
Customer Experience
Data and Analytics
HR and Legal
Operational Support
Sales and Marketing
University Programs