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“Brilliant people enduring nonsense”

High caliber employees; former Rhode Scholar nominees, distinguished professionals, etc.


The "culture" can be draining and it encourages people to be jerks. A lot of non-value added work that is outside the scope of your regular job.

Advice to Candidates

The benefits are great and the salary can be competitive, but what they tell candidates about base salary v. bonus is misleading. You are better off maximizing salary and minimizing bonus because on average, you will not get your full bonus starting out. No matter how great you are, you are more likely to get critical feedback than praise; it's how the environment is designed. The organization's approach is inward focused on most activities and they do too little research on outside organizations for best practices. If you go into trading, you will be compensated highly, but will likely burn out quick. Mostly kids in their 20s with some adult supervision.

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