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About Bridgewater Associates LP

Founded in 1975 by Raymond Dalio, Bridgewater Associates is the largest hedge fund in the world measured by assets, with $154 billion under management. It's also one of the most controversial hedge funds in the world. The firm's culture, which takes its cues from Dalio's 122 pages of "Principles" (publicly available via the firm's website), has been called everything from "cultish" and "unhealthy" to "demeaning" and "brutal." However, others, including many on the Bridgewater staff, say the unique and demanding culture (whose main tenet is emotions and egos get in the way of healthy and sound business decisions and so those things must be left at the door) brings out the best in its 1,500 employees, and is largely why the Westport, Conn.-based firm is one of the most profitable on the planet.

Bridgewater Associates LP

One Glendinning Place
Westport, CT 06880
Phone: (203) 226-3030

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Raymond Dalio
2015 Employees (All Locations): 1,500

Major Office Locations

Westport, CT