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“Opportunities for Accelerated Growth, Exposure, and Development”
Entry-level in Health Care and/or PharmaceuticalsChicago, IL2019VERIFIED EMPLOYEE

The culture, the people, the innovation, the opportunities are the best parts of working at GE Healthcare.


Our long term partnerships with clients mean that you can't get away with doing subpar work and then leaving for a new client

Advice to Candidates

I would evaluate 3 key things when looking at any firm. 1) What is the overall culture of the firm? (People, work life balance, etc. ) 2. How does the firm invest in individual growth? (Trainings such as CAP, 3VQ, Lean etc.) 3. Where is the firm headed? (Is it innovative and does it have a unique selling proposition) At GE it is Command Centers and Long Term Outcome Driven Risk Sharing Performance Partnerships with Healthcare Systems

If a firm has all 3 of those factors, I believe that you have then found the secret sauce.

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