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Supervisors typically promote an "open door" policy and are available to listen to concerns, suggest solutions when short-staffed, and are otherwise collegial and open to suggestions. Most people have been here for 10+ years which is evidence of job security - as long as you get your work done on time and it complies with the fairly strict requirements of the organization, you will have a job for as long as you want it.


A lot of red tape and a very apparent effort by most divisions to minimize the work they're willing to take on or help other groups to complete. Not as collaborative as we should be, given the volume of cases managers receive, not to mention the litany of other responsibilities the organization has related to legislation, regulations, recommended maximum risk level(s), assessment of occupational risk and environmental effects, among others.

Advice to Candidates

Try not to let the attitude or pushback you receive from other groups or even within your own team get you down. Put your head down, do a good job, and you will be promoted to a position of oversight and then can make changes in the culture as needed. The only way to do that, however, is to have people like you or to be the most efficient while producing the best work product.

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