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About Noaa Fisheries

If it swims, paddles, or splashes, The National Marine Fisheries Service wants to protect it. The agency, part of the Department of Commerce's NOAA cares for the nation's marine resources and their habitat in water three to 200 miles from the US coast. It enforces compliance with fishing regulations and educates the fishing industry about wasteful and environmentally harmful fishing practices. The National Marine Fisheries Service works through six regional offices and eight fishery management councils to increase sustainable fisheries and prevent overfishing, species decline, and habitat degradation while balancing economic and recreational concerns.

Noaa Fisheries

1315 E West Hwy Ste 1
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282
Phone: 1 (301) 713-2239

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Employer Type: Privately Owned
Information: Parmesh Dwivedi
Software Engineer: Tom Henderson
Offc Manager: Gloria Thompson
Employees (This Location): 350
Employees (All Locations): 1,223

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Silver Spring, MD