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“If it can be measured it can be improved”

NIST does not use the traditional GS pay scale, opting for its own pay bands that are more competitive with private industry. NIST was one of the first agencies in government to adopt telework and flexwork. Childcare is available on the beautiful tree lined campuses. Stay on the look out for fawns and ducklings in the spring!


Some, but not all buildings, feel like they are constantly under renovation. The museum at the Gaithersburg Maryland campus is very interesting, but it does not offer tours to the public. It would be great to take family around campus when they come to town.

Advice to Candidates

NIST is an excellent organization for scientists, technologists, engineers, and researchers who want to be at the cutting edge of bringing new science and innovation to the world. If you are the type of individual who spotted where's automated text scrapers are keep its pages up to date, then you may be the right person for NIST.

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