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About Economic Research Service

The Economic Research Service (ERS) studies the dollars and cents of agriculture. A division of the Department of Agriculture, the ERS researches the public and private decisions behind economic and policy issues regarding food, farming, natural resources, and rural development. The ERS specialists scrutinize food and commodity markets, produce policy studies, and establish economic and statistical indicators. It is split into four divisions: food economics, information services, market and trade economics, and resource and rural economics. The ERS was created in 1961 although traces its roots back to 1905 and the Office of Farm Management.

Economic Research Service

355 E St SW
Washington, DC 20024-3243
Phone: 1 (202) 694-5000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Employees (This Location): 200
Employees (All Locations): 214

Major Office Locations

Washington, DC