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“Unfairness to employees”

Carters was one of the best company to work for before the pandemic started.


Cartes has gone down hill since the beggining of the pandemic. Not only have they up the price in their clothing they have also treated is employees unfairly. For being a manager you get paid $10 an hour and 9.35 for being an associate. Carters is a multi million dollar company and they want to pay cheap labor. They also like to bring you to a breaking point that its like telling you im out. Many of their employees that worked there for years have quit. Carters has failed their code of ethics by tresting their employees fairly. Ive been working there for about 2 years now and i still get paid 10 an hour i should have been raised to atleas 12.50 and hour for being a manager but, like i said they like cheap lavor so they can continue to win in the sales and of course their opneing of credit cards.

Advice to Candidates

If you want to get paid 9.25 and hour for your labor at the place go ahead but im preety sure everyone work labor should never be this underpaid.

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