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About Tropicana Products, Inc.

Looking to corner the market on America's breakfast beverage, Tropicana Products wants to reduce the competition to a pulp -- one glass at a time. A subsidiary of soda-and-snack behemoth PepsiCo, Tropicana, the nation's best-selling orange juice, makes the juice at a facility in Bradenton, Florida, and sells it in the US and Canada through its PepsiCo Americas Beverages unit. Tropicana offers a variety of its flagship juices, including reduced-sugar, reduced-calorie, and calcium-fortified versions. Tropicana Pure, which is sold in the supermarket's produce section, is the company's premium juice line. Tropicana also makes Pepsi's Naked Juice and juice for the Dole company under license.


The juice maker sources its oranges from Florida. Tropicana supplements this crop with imports from Brazil when Florida supplies are insufficient to meet its production needs. It operates a direct delivery system in markets such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and others.

Tropicana is one of its parent company's megabrands (behind Pepsi-Cola, Lays, Mountain Dew, and Gatorade). Along with Gatorade and Quaker, is an important part of PepsiCo's fast-growing nutrition business.

Geographic Reach

Tropicana supplies its products nationwide, operating across about a dozen markets. The Florida-based company peddles its products in Europe, the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

Sales and Marketing

Tropicana markets its products in the US under several brand names, including Tropicana, Dole, Trop50, and Tropicana Twister. It licensed the Dole brand name from Dole. It relies on TV advertising and retail stores to get its products in front of customers.


Competing against companies the likes of Kraft and Rasna that make powered beverages, Tropicana in 2013 launched a powered version of its Tropicana juice. It's initially focused on the Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Chennai.

To gain market share and expand its customer base, Tropicana has concentrated on catering to the lucrative youth market, as well as health-conscious shoppers. To this end, the company offers Twister, a chilled bottled juice with hip names such as Kiwi Strawberry Cyclone.

In reaction to mounting consumer health and weight concerns, Tropicana makes a version of its juice called Trop50. The product is a vitamin C and E-enhanced drink sweetened with the Pure Via brand of stevia-based sweetener. It expanded into vegetables in 2012 through its launch of its Tropicana Farmstand-branded juice product.

It is also looking to Asia and the Middle East for growth. In China, its Tropicana Pulp Sacs juice drinks were rolled out to appeal to the flavor and texture preferences of Chinese consumers.

Tropicana Products, Inc.

1001 13th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208-2699
Phone: 1 (941) 747-4461

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
President: Oswald F. Barckhahn
Director Of Government Affairs: Steve Lezman
Vice President Human Resources: Robert Newsome
Employees (This Location): 1,800
Employees (All Locations): 3,500

Major Office Locations

Bradenton, FL

Other Locations

City Of Industry, CA
Cheshire, CT
Fort Pierce, FL
Hollywood, FL
Haverhill, MA
Taunton, MA
Wilmington, MA
Hyattsville, MD
Jersey City, NJ
Moorestown, NJ
Defuniak Springs, NY