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“2017 Salary Shake Up”

Good base salary can be negotiated. But they will get that back working you excessive hours with no additional compensation.

Offers benefits


Long Hours

Shift Work

Lack of consistency in policies


Advice to Candidates

In 2017 Shearers is reducing the salary ranks at all levels and all plants. The people left behind will find themselves doing even more with less. Salary RIF announced in October has see people running to the exit even if they are not impacted. The company largest shareholder is a foreign pension fund that is squeezing ever dollar they can out of the company. Equipment is old and only investment is into new production lines not in upgrades to existing lines. Workers from supervisors to hourly workers are worked 6 days a week 8-12 hr days. Hourly get OT and supervisors are pure salary. Management has no concerns adding to production runs at last minute as they will not be there on weekends or holidays. Nor do the care about your work life balance. Starting with shift managers management works 40-50 hours a week Monday-Friday.

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