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New Harvest was founded in 2004 to serve as a nonprofit research institution focusing on open, public cultured meat research. New Harvest is the world’s longest-running organization pursuing innovation and research in the field of cellular agriculture. The company’s mission is “to maximize the positive impact of cellular agriculture on the world.” New Harvest approaches funding and research from a distinctly human perspective, one focused on organic connection and growth rather than transactional interactions. It focuses on funding projects that are “pipelines for talent development,” projects that train students in the unique science of cellular agriculture. It also aims to create connections across industries and sectors, forging relationships between leaders in academia, government, philanthropy, and industry.

 New Harvest funds research and projects through research fellowships, seed grants, and dissertation awards. It also hosts an annual conference to bring the conversation to everyone, inviting ideas and innovation from everywhere. Typically, the type of funding that New Harvest provides is critical for the discovery stage of research, and is thus foundational to the results. Government-funded basic research often provides this, then a company will support the projects with promising findings. The cellular agriculture industry sits outside of traditional sectors, combining food and science in a way that has never been done. While the innovation is exciting, it leaves the science to fend for itself without a clearly defined position in the world of research. New Harvest is changing this reality by providing key discovery-stage funding, resources, and capabilities for the research to move forward into tangible innovation.

New Harvest is donor funded, creating a space for people who are truly interested and invested in cellular agriculture research to bolster its success. The company has raised millions, has more than donors and counting, and has 36 team scientists working on the latest in cell-cultured food. The new wave of agriculture is defined by science and community, and New Harvest is providing the means to reach these new and exciting heights.

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