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About Sunshine Raisin Corporation

Sunshine Raisin (dba National Raisin) might secretly like to twist the old adage to go something like -- a raisin a day (actually, maybe cup) keeps the doctor away. Located in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley raisin-growing region, the company grows and processes raisins and various other dried fruits. National Raisin produces organic and conventional raisins for retail customers under the Champion, Newman's Own Organics and Raisels. In addition, National Raisin's industrial production offers its items as ingredients for baked goods, desserts and more. Since its founding in 1969, the National Raisin Company has been owned by the Bedrosian family.


National Raisin Company offers various raisin ingredients or solutions. These being:  seedless, dates, paste consistency, juice concentrated and diced form (for prunes and dates). 

The company receives over 50,000 tons of raisins annually; every single load is inspected by the USDA to meet the incoming raisin grade standards. The fruit is graded for size and sorted using stemmers and vacuums to remove any extraneous vegetative matter. The fruit is washed and re-hydrated to meet the desired level of moisture. Throughout processing, the fruit encounters x-ray technology, metal detectors, rare earth magnets, six different lasers, and other foreign material detection systems. Depending on the customer's specifications, the fruit may be glycerin-infused, sugar-coated, vegetable oil-treated, or processed into juice concentrate or paste.

Geographic Reach

Headquartered in Fowler, California, it has production farms in Exeter, Madera, Coachella and Fowler.

Sales and Marketing

The company's retail customers are Champion, Raisels, and Newman's Own Organics.

Sunshine Raisin Corporation

626 S 5th St
Fowler, CA 93625-9745
Phone: 1 (559) 834-5981

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
President and CEO: Ernest Bedrosian
Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 185: May Firkus
Chief Information Officer: Jeanette Pereira
Employees (This Location): 249
Employees (All Locations): 450

Major Office Locations

Fowler, CA

Other Locations

Fowler, CA