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About Greater Omaha Packing Co., Inc.

Greater Omaha Packing turns great cattle into even greater beef. The company is a leading independent beef slaughterhouse in the US that processes some 15,000 head of cattle each week at its single plant in Omaha, Nebraska. Greater Omaha Packaging's packaged beef products are shipped to a variety of customers throughout the country and in some 50 international markets. The packaging company is one of a small number of US packing plants certified to ship non-hormone treated beef to Europe. The family-owned company -- which markets under the brands Omaha Natural Angus, Certified Angus Beef, Certified Hereford Beef, Halal Beef, and 1881 Omaha Hereford -- was started by Herman Cohen Davis in 1920.

Financial Performance

The meat processor reports more than $1 billion in annual sales.


Seeking to add capacity, Greater Omaha Packing in 2012 expanded its processing plant (built in 2001) in Omaha by 40,000 square feet. The company sources Angus and Hereford beef cattle from within a 250 mile radius of its plant.

Greater Omaha Packing Co., Inc.

3001 L St
Omaha, NE 68107-1409
Phone: 1 (402) 731-1700

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
President and CEO: Henry Davis
Chief Information Officer: Angelo Fili
Director Of Driver Recruiting and Marketing: Jerrod Matras
Employees (This Location): 675
Employees (All Locations): 1,100

Major Office Locations

Omaha, NE

Other Locations

Denver, CO