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About Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc.

Great Lakes Cheese understands the power of provolone, the charm of cheddar, and the goodness of gruyere. Each year the company makes hundreds of million pounds of cheese at nine facilities in the US. The cheesemaker produces three categories of cheese: natural cheese, including cheddar, Swiss, mozarella, provolone, and blue; processed cheeses such as American Deluxe, Cheese Spread, and Cheese Product; and specialty cheeses, such as blue veined cheese for the retail and wholesale markets. Chairman Hans Epprecht, a Swiss immigrant, founded the firm in 1958 as a Cleveland bulk-cheese distributor. Epprecht (80%) and Great Lakes employees (20%) own the company.


Great Lakes Cheese's growth strategy rests on acquisitions, plant expansions, investment production and distribution technologies, and setting high customer service standards. Great Lakes Cheese has expanded to a nine plant operation, spanning five states, and supplying cheese coast to coast.

The expansion in Great Lakes Cheese's manufacturing and distribution operations -- which has reached more than 2 million sq. ft. of space with upwards of 100 production lines -- helps its cheeses arrive fresh and on time across a broad geographic base.

Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc.

17825 Great Lakes Pkwy
Hiram, OH 44234-9677
Phone: 1 (440) 834-2500

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Quality Assurance Supervisor: Christopher Legath
CFO: Russell Mullins
President and CEO: Dan Zagzebski
Employees (This Location): 500
Employees (All Locations): 1,700

Major Office Locations

Hiram, OH

Other Locations

Manchester, TN
La Crosse, WI
Wausau, WI