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About General Mills

General Mills was officially founded on June 20, 1928. The public debut, however, was preceded by nearly 70 years of history. Cadwallader Washburn established his flour mill on the Mississippi River in St. Anthony Falls in 1866. His flour mill was wildly successful, and despite facing the damage of a natural disaster in 1878, Washburn continued to succeed. The earthquake that had struck led to Washburn implementing new design and standards for safety and efficiency into the milling business, changing the industry forever.


After Washburn died at age 64, his company, then called the Washburn Crosby Company, was taken on by James Ford Bell. After being offered a $40 million buyout by the underwriting firm Blair & Co, members of the anonymous fraternity that Blair represented actually dissented the deal. This left Bell with two options: give up and let the business go down with the dying milling industry, or reinvent the industry all together. He chose the latter, approaching iconic banking legend George F. Baker for help. Just like that, General Mills was born in 1928, and with Baker and Bell at the helm of the company, it was one of the only companies to have paid dividends on common stock without interruption that year. The stock market crashed very soon after, but General Mills proved itself much stronger than the economic turmoil. 


Today, General Mills has transformed into much more than a flour mill. It is now one of the largest food companies from the United States. Some of its brands include Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Nature Valley, and Pillsbury. It operates globally across Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. As such a large business, each region operates with independent organizational structures. North America Retail, Europe and Australia, Asia and Latin America, and Convenience Stores and Foodservice are the four main divisions in the business. Each group has a president, all led by Chairman and CEO Jeffrey L. Harmening.

General Mills

Number One General Mills Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Phone: (763) 764-7600

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chairman & CEO: Jeffrey L. Harmening
Employees (All Locations): 35,000

Major Office Locations

Minneapolis, MN United States
Burzaco, AR Juan
Victoria, UR Uruguay

Major Departments & Practices

Digital & Technology
Research & Development
Supply Chain