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About Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay has been in the snack game for nearly 100 years. In 1932, founder C.E. Doolin tasted a bag of corn chips at a local diner and found out the manufacturer was looking to sell their business. Doolin bought the recipe and began selling Fritos, first making them in his mother’s kitchen and selling out of his car. The company came into its full form in 1961, with the merger of H.W. Lay & Company and Frito creating Frito-Lay, Inc. In 1965, Frito-Lay merged with Pepsi-Cola to form PepsiCo. Frito-Lay is one of seven divisions in the PepsiCo company. Despite being just one seventh of the parent company, Frito-Lay brings in a quarter of all PepsiCo revenue. 

Frito-Lay is home to 29 iconic snack brands. Lays, Doritos, Tostitos, Miss Vickie’s, Rold Gold, Smartfood, Stacy’s are just some of its iconic munchies. Frito-Lay also manufactures and sells Sabra dips and hummus in a joint venture with Strauss Group. Frito-Lay has over 30 manufacturing plants across the United States with state-of-the-art equipment. Within these plants, operations are organized by packaging machine operators, maintenance mechanics, sanitors, packers, and warehouse/material handlers.

Frito-Lay supports communities across the country by partnering with numerous non-profit organizations that help provide quality food and nutrition to communities and neighborhoods who need it most. It works with Southern Dallas Thrives, Feed the Children, Food for Good, and more. Working with these organizations allows Frito-Lay to provide food to underserved communities and help them thrive.


700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577
Phone: (914) 253-2000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chairman & CEO of Pepsico: Ramon Luis Laguarta

Major Office Locations

Purchase, NY