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About Diageo

Grand Metropolitan and Guinness merged in 1997, a historical collaboration that became what we know as Diageo. After hundreds of years of history and tradition from brands like Guinness, Crown Royal, and Smirnoff, Diageo became a home for a number of beloved food and beverage brands. In the year 2000, Diageo decided to focus its effort on premium drinks and sold all food assets, including Burger King and Pillsbury. By 2012, it had acquired a number of global beverage companies, like Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia and Met Icki in Turkey.

Diageo continues to prosper because of its thorough business strategy. The company has six key pillars by which it does business: sustain quality growth, embed everyday efficiency, invest smartly, promote positive drinking, champion inclusion and diversity, and pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability. By combining ambitious business tactics with positive community principles, Diageo is able to deliver a quality product to consumers and maintain a profitable, healthy business.

Working towards a more sustainable world is incredibly important to Diageo. Society 2030 is Diageo’s action plan for taking big steps into that brighter future by 2030. The goals include preserving water for life, accelerating to a low carbon world, and becoming sustainable by design. For all of these goals, Diageo has achievable steps in place like “replenishing more water than we use for our operations in 100% of sites in water-stressed areas by 2026” and “continuing our work to reduce total packaging and increase recycled content in our packaging (delivering a 10% reduction in packaging weight + increasing the % recycled content of our packaging to 60%).” The company doesn’t simply want to create goals for the sake of positive publicity, but is currently working to achieve those goals. More than that, reaching them is engrained in the company’s definition of success, setting them apart from other beverage companies who merely have eyes for the consumer and forget about the community.


Lakeside Drive
Park Royal
London NW10 7HQ
Phone: 44 20 8978 6000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chairman: Javier Ferrán
CEO: Ivan Menezes

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New York, NY
London (HQ)