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About Danone

Danone strives for more than just providing a product. Danone’s vision is “One Planet. One Health.” The company is home to several brands that aim to be nourishing and healthy for consumers while also making a positive impact on the planet. Danone’s history stretches back over 100 years to 1919, when Isaac Carasso began selling his signature yogurt. Carasso’s recipe utilized the research of Elie Metchnikoff, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1908. Metchnikoff had done scientific research into pasteurization and lactic ferments. Carasso added the lactic ferments into his recipe based on the health benefits Metchnikoff had discovered about them in his studies. The yogurt was affectionately named after Carasso’s son Daniel, who went by the nickname “Danon.” Danone yogurt officially hit pharmacies in 1919 and began a long lineage of simple products that aim to provide health benefits to nourish consumers.

By 1929, Daniel Carasso had joined the family business and established operations in France. And in the turmoil of the 1940s, Daniel took the business all the way to the United States, setting up shop in New York. Here, Danone Yogurt took on the new name Dannon, now a household name in American food. Today, Danone is home to a number of brands like its original product that really live up to the phrase “healthy and delicious.”

Danone is home to brands in three areas: waters, specialized nutrition, and essential dairy and plant-based products. Silk, Bonafont, Font Vella, Oikos, Cafe Delight, Salus, Activia, and Evian are just some of the brands provided by Danone. Danone products are sold in over 120 markets. The company is number one in the world in fresh dairy and plant-based products, number one in Europe in advanced medical nutrition, and number two in the world in early life nutrition. About half of the company’s sales come from its dairy and plant-based brands, while roughly 30 percent comes from specialized nutrition and 15 percent from waters. Danone’s commitment to its motto, “One Planet. One Health.” is made evident in its actions and success as a company. 90 percent of products sold are from healthy categories, and 81 percent of packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

Since its beginnings, Danone has been pursuing health and nutrition in high-quality, delicious foods. Its worldwide growth in its early days serves as its foundation as a global standby for food products today.


15 Rue Du Helder
Paris 75439
Phone: 33 1 44 35 20 76

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chairman: Gilles Schnepp
Co-CEO: Véronique Penchienati-Bosetta
Co-CEO: Shane Grant

Major Office Locations

Broomfield, CO
White Plains, NY
Paris (HQ)