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About Coors Brewing

Adolph Coors was a German brewing apprentice who came to the United States in 1868 in search of something bigger. In the first five years in the U.S., he founded the Golden Brewery. That brewery still stands in its original place today. Quality and care are nonnegotiable to the Coors brand. It prides itself on taking the time and living the tradition of making good beer. Coors malts its own barley right at its brewery and filters its beer with Energizer filters. The process is slow and time consuming, but a tradition that the original Coors Banquet is not willing to sacrifice. Coors Banquet is fermented using closed horizontal box fermentation at cold temperatures, a classic technique that gives the beer its unique flavors and characteristics. The original Coors brand isn’t the only one the company puts this much care into. The company is home to lots of brands, all produced and distributed with the same consideration of tradition and excellence.

Some of the most beloved Coors brands are Blue Moon, Coors Light, Miller High Life, Vizzy, and more. Coors is home to 15 brand families, ranging from classic beers to hard sodas and seltzers. The company operates internationally, with branches in the U.S., United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Japan, Canada, and more. It is the fifth-largest beer company in the word and sells its products in 100 countries.

As a company that uses many natural resources, Coors recognizes that sustainability is integral to running an ethical business that works for the community, not against it. “Our Imprint” is what Coors calls its impact on the environment and communities. It protects at-risk watersheds and strives to minimize water waste. Coors also supports and pursues the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. With a deep tradition of excellence and quality, Coors Brewing is pursuing a brighter future for itself and its customers while maintaining traditions that have made the company successful for over 100 years. 

Coors Brewing

1801 California Street
Suite 4600
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 927-2337

Firm Stats

CEO, President, & Director: Gavin D.K. Hattersly

Major Office Locations

Cincinnati, OH
Denver, CO
Golden, CO
Milwaukee, WI