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About Carlsberg

The Carlsberg Group was founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen. Jacobsen had set out two years earlier to create a beer that would stand out against traditional brews. He was traveling from Munich to his home in Denmark with two pots of Spaten yeast when he began to inadvertently innovate a cooler way to brew, literally. In order to keep it cool and maintain the integrity of his cold-brewed beer, Jacobsen would stop frequently to wash the pots with cold water. When he got back to Denmark, Jacobsen knew that he would need a larger brewery with better cooling systems. Thus, Carlsberg was formed to achieve this dream, taking the name of Jacobsen’s son Carl.

By the 1870s, Jacobsen’s beer had begun to win prizes and awards for its innovation and taste. In 1875, Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Laboratory to continue studying and improving upon malting, brewing, and fermenting techniques. Professor Emil Christian Hansen worked at the laboratory and made a massive discovery about fungi and yeast decomposition that would revolutionize beer making. Rather than keeping the new science a secret, Jacobsen shared the discovery, helping the world of beer make major progress.

Today, Carlsberg offers hundreds of beers of all types. It offers lagers, pilsners, seasonal brews, and more. The company has been public since 1970, and made its public debut on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. It operates out of offices across Europe and Asia with markets stretching across over 100 countries worldwide. Carlsberg’s excellent Export and License agreements team allow for this global reach. In places where Carlsberg does not have its own breweries, the Export and License agreements serve to open the doors in new markets for Carlsberg’s expansive array of innovative and delicious products. With roots in homegrown science and hard work, Carlsberg continues to create tasty, high quality beer and beverages.


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Phone: 45 3327 3300

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