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A “Certified B Corporation”—equally dedicated to social welfare as well as business growth—and possibly the nicest guys on the planet, Ben & Jerry’s is one of the miniscule number of companies to receive a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign.

Renowned for its delicious ice cream flavors (usually given names with absurd puns, like their eternal favorite “Cherry Garcia”), the company was founded by (and named after) two childhood friends from Long Island, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who had moved to Vermont. In 1978, after taking a correspondence course in ice-cream making, the duo opened their first store in an abandoned gas station in Burlington. Cohen suffers from a medical condition where his sense of taste is severely limited, and must rely on texture—inspiring the wide variety of chunks that usually pack their product.

Almost immediately, Ben & Jerry’s began what it called “double dipping”: showing as much concern for the community as for its bottom line. Apart from any free ice cream, benefits like health or maternity have always been considered top-notch, and the company has long been at the forefront of recognizing and providing for spouses regardless of gender. Although sold to British food and healthcare products provider Unilever in 2000, Ben & Jerry’s adherence to societal commitment has only been encouraged by the larger company, which continues to promote that thinking at the management level: When top executives are transferred from Unilever to Ben & Jerry’s, it is made sure they share philosophies with the ice cream producer.

That said, with less than 900 employees globally, and only one main branch location, Ben & Jerry’s can be very selective in hiring—but at least is very honest about it, specifically pointing that out on their “Tips for Applicants” page (essential reading for anyone contemplating employment at the company). But even if you are the saintliest of potential vendors of frozen desserts, you may still have to wait: the company told Cosmopolitan magazine in 2015 that there is “very low turnover” at the company—not unexpected, considering.

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30 Community Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: (802) 846-1500

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Employer Type: Public
CEO: Matthew McCarthy

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South Burlington, VT