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About Tandem

Tandem was founded in 2013 by its current CEO Ricky Knox, Matt Cooper, and Michael Kent. Tandem acquired Harrods Bank in 2018, allowing Tandem to use Harrods’ existing banking license. Tandem has since launched credit cards that are geared towards individuals with limited credit history, as well as its Tandem Membership, which launched in 2020. Its corporate headquarters is located in London.

Tandem offers financial products and services such as personal banking accounts, business accounts, credit cards, loans, and a mobile application that’s compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Full-time, fixed-term, or contracted job openings are available in career paths such as software engineering, secretarial, risk analyst, and complaints specialist.

Tandem’s website hosts a regularly updated blog, which provides insight into the company’s core values. Additionally, the blog often deals with issues such as climate change and mental health, and sometimes provides instructional content regarding Tandem’s products and services. For example, Tandem recently published a blog that provides tips on adopting a vegan diet, or cutting down on meat and dairy products in order for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. The blog also provides those interested in switching to a vegan lifestyle with a link to simple recipes to help them get started.

Firm Stats

CEO: Ricky Knox,

Base Salary

$71,637 - $89,952

Major Departments & Practices

Data & Analytics
Product & Community