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About Starling Bank

Starling Bank was founded by CEO Anne Boden in 2014. It launched its mobile app beta for iOS and Android operating systems in 2017. By March 2018, the company began offering business accounts. Starling has partnered with TransferWise to process international payments, and its customers can conveniently perform bank transactions at any Post Office Ltd branch across the U.K., thanks to an agreement between the two companies. Starling Bank plans to make its initial public offering by 2022. Its corporate headquarters is located in London.

While Starling Bank has no actual branch locations, it allows customers to perform transactions using its mobile app. The company offers financial products including personal banking, business accounts, loans, and international money transfers. Starling Bank has many exciting and challenging open career opportunities in areas such as software engineering, data analytics, copywriting, design, and more. The company offers employee-run social groups such as its ForTheWin gaming group, and a book club.

Starling Bank is committed to environmental sustainability. As a branchless bank, it has a smaller carbon footprint than its competitors. Additionally, the company is largely paperless and provides debit cards that are made from recycled plastic. Starling has also refused to pledge allegiance to any political party or politician. It aims to treat all its customers fairly and hopes to improve the overall financial literacy of its customers through its Make Money Equal campaign.

Starling Bank

2 Finsbury Ave
3rd Floor
London EC2M 2PP
Phone: 0207-930-4450 (international)

Firm Stats

Anne Boden: CEO

Base Salary

$35,428 - $150,473

Major Departments & Practices

Banking, CAO Functions
Risk and Compliance