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About Chime

Chris Britt and Ryan King founded Chime in 2013. The company officially launched in April of 2014, presenting itself as an alternative to traditional banking. In 2018, Chime acquired Pinch, a startup that specialized in helping young people build their credit. Along with the acquisition, Pinch personnel joined the Chime team. Chime partnered with the Dallas Mavericks in 2020 to be their jersey sponsor. Today, Chime’s is headquartered in San Francisco and led by Britt, its CEO.

Chime offers an array of financial products and services, including personal banking accounts, credit cards, and early wage access. Prospective employees will find numerous job openings with Chime in a variety of areas. For example, those looking to start or continue a career in marketing might choose from exciting opportunities such as program manager, communications lead, or art director.

Chime prides itself on being a company that nurtures the working relationships and growth of its associates. The company promotes a workplace culture of low egos and professional excellence through its open office model, and by encouraging communication and transparency. As an employer, Chime aims to celebrate the contributions of each individual and asks its employees to “Chime In” with feedback regarding virtually any part of its business.


77 Maiden Lane – 6th floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: (844) 244-6363

Firm Stats

CEO: Chris Britt

Base Salary

$43,000 - $106,000

Major Office Locations

Vancouver, BC, CA
Chicago, IL