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“Litigation Group Undervalued and Underutilized”

Huge company with incredible resources they are willing to spend on litigation. Easy to get money for experts, mock trials, jury studies, etc. for big cases. Autonomy in handling files and few hard "consequences" if a case goes wrong (provided you worked the case properly!).


Litigation is looked at generally as overhead, cost-side drag on the business rather than a final claims mitigation function. Management structure can be unclear and recently events revealed that manager of entire in-house function not communicating the department's needs effectively to GC office. Bonuses and raises are so low as to be nearly meaningless.

Advice to Candidates

Extremely good work-life balance and autonomy to run your own files, but that is your main reward. What you come in making will be approximately what you make the entire time you are with the company. Beware that high-performing attorneys are not differentiated at all from average-to-low performers.

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