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Infosys InStep Internship Program

About Infosys InStep Internship Program

Infosys is a global leader in technology services and consulting. InStep is Infosys’ Global Internship Program for undergraduate, graduate, MBA and PhD students from top academic institutions around the world. This internship program, which is fully funded, seeks to provide you the opportunity to work on new and emerging technologies while supporting you gain international work experience and build a global network.

- #1 ranked internship by Vault 2019 and 2020

Students are offered the opportunity to work on projects depending on their educational background, and work experience. Technical projects are in diverse areas involving cutting-edge technology, such as Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, NLP, Analytics, Big Data, Statistics, Knowledge Engineering, Legacy Modernization, Cyber Security, Information Management, Data Privacy, Cloud Computing, Testing, Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things, Open Source, Web Services, Android, Mobile Application Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Business projects offer opportunities to work on areas such as Business Case Development, Business Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Consulting, Go-to-market Strategy, Industry Analysis, and Market Entry Development, in domains such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail & Consumer Goods, Energy, Communication & Services, Resources & Utilities, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Growth markets and Public Services.

The interns are inducted in already existing units with a project mentor to guide them throughout their internship. They are also given complete ownership over the projects from inception to completion. Mentors are from the top echelons of Infosys, and are leaders of certain units with experience of anchoring key projects within the organization.

COVID-19 Update

As the world continues to evolve through the changing dynamics in battling the COVID-19 outbreak, it is no different for us at Infosys. In times that test us, it’s natural to focus on what’s of utmost importance - and for Infosys that has, and will always be, our employees and our clients.

Over 93% of our global workforce is now enabled to work from home leveraging collaboration technologies. From mobilizing laptops for our workforce, desktop relocation to home environments, helping reimage personal devices for official use, with information security policies and the ability for us to minimize security risks, improving our virtual private network bandwidth and even facilitating high speed broadband connectivity at employee residences, we are accelerating overall employee readiness to be productive as they work remotely. We are also significantly and rapidly amplifying our technology landscape to support robust and secure remote collaboration at scale.

We are also transforming our flagship global internship program InStep to function completely virtually, thereby empowering our interns to stay the course on their careers while ensuring their safety and wellbeing. We are integrating several collaboration platforms, creating virtual experiential platforms, streamlining processes and handcrafting immersive learning opportunities in order to enable a seamless professional experience for around 200 interns from 19 different countries and 35 schools.

Infosys has always believed in honoring its commitments and these testing times only provide us with a greater opportunity of practicing what we always believed in.

Infosys InStep Internship Program