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About Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is based in the Pacific Northwest oasis that is Portland, Oregon. The company was started by the Boyle family in 1937. After fleeing Nazi Germany, the family settled in Portland and began the Columbia Hat Company as a means of survival. In 1960, it evolved into Columbia Sportswear. Gert Boyle, the founders’ daughter, eventually took over the company when it passed from her husband Neal to her after his sudden passing. Thus, in 1970, Gert Boyle became the leader of one of the world’s leading sportswear brands. During her time leading the company, Gert imbued the brand and business with her “Tough Mother” perfectionist persona. The ambitious perfectionism and high standards are kept up today after Gert’s legendary mark on her family company.

In 1998, Columbia Sportswear debuted as a public company and has since found great success. The company serves markets all over the world, with most business coming from North and South America. It is home to four industry leading brands in outdoor gear and sportswear. Columbia, the company’s signature namesake brand accounts for 80 percent of sales. Sorel, the popular outdoor shoe and boot brand, follows with 12 percent of sales. Mountain Hardware and prAna are Columbia’s two other brands.

The company focuses on driving brand awareness through focused demand creation investments. The customer experience is top priority, and by focusing on brand awareness the company is able to create a product that has both integrity and notability, making it an easy choice for every customer from professional outdoor adventurers to gentle weekend explorers. Columbia Sportswear began as a family business, and that spirit lives on in the way Columbia prioritizes its customers rather than its own business agenda. Its history was forged in handwork and perfectionism, and today the company has proven itself a go-to brand for all things outdoors.

Columbia Sportswear

14375 Northwest Science Park Drive
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: (503) 985-4000

Firm Stats

Chairman, CEO & President: Timothy P. Boyle

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Retail Stores
Apparel Manufacturing
Retail Admin
Footware Manufacturing
Information Services
Supply Chain
Human Resources