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“Personnel Security Specialist”

Pay, benefits, 401k is great. State of the art equipment.


Inner office politics, ethical and moral differences between the management and employees. This company is VERY sexist towards white males. If you're not a female, minority, gay forget about it. They don't want you. They especially don't want people who think for themselves and fire them for advocating for their beliefs. It's ok for Lisa Anspach (white female) to driver on site, without a badge, on the backshift, have a vehicle full of prohibited articles, act belligerent to Security, allowing her dog to roam the desert, LIE to upper management about her location and still hold a job. Meanwhile her co-worker gets fired because she doesn't like them. It's ok for the females to make off colored innuendo jokes but when a male does it all hell breaks loose. Completely bias organization run by liberals and only care about one thing. How much they can screw the employees out of their benefits. This company sets double standards and silences the majority.

Advice to Candidates

Message for upper management.. Actually care about your employees. If they are going through some personal issues be there for them. Don't just say "I care" and then do the exact opposite then fire them a week later. Listen to employee complaints. They aren't working to just complain. People actually like to work and see the fruits of their labors. Not get inundated with paperwork 14 reiterations later just to bully and get them to quit. You want to know how to avoid million dollar lawsuits? Be a good employer! Not a backstabbing political hypocrite looking to get promoted. Don't just show up with a box of cinnamon rolls and say we're here for you, whatever you need. Then expect them to do all of the work for the entire office. Have a backbone! Stop letting the women of the office rule the roost! Hear both sides of a complaint and stop playing favorites and taking sides. Some of you will answer for your deception. Maybe not in this life but the next . God help you.

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