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About The Whistler Group Inc

Don't tell your mother (unless she's a leadfoot driver, too), but The Whistler Group makes sure the whistle doesn't get blown on its customers. A leading maker of auto radar detectors, Whistler also makes laser detectors, power inverters, and GPS navigation receivers, and a range of accessories, including power cords, suction cups, siwtch adapters, and travel cases. Whistler reorganized under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 1999 and ceased its manufacturing of garage doors and garage door openers; it emerged from bankruptcy the next year. Founded in 1971, Whistler is owned by a group of private investors.

The Whistler Group Inc

1716 SW Comm Dr Ste 8
Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: 1 (479) 273-6012

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Executive Vice President Sales: JD Davis
Sales and Replenishment Analyst: Faith Mcclendon
Credit: Nickie Stanley
Employees (This Location): 40
Employees (All Locations): 50

Major Office Locations

Bentonville, AR

Other Locations

Rogers, AR