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About Slack

In any team, communication is key. From Fortune 500 giants to small-town startups, being connected and keeping in contact is critical to company success. Slack provides that hub for connection on a one-of-a-kind platform. Founded in 2009, the company’s beginnings are more than just unique. Slack was the insanely successful byproduct of an attempt by founder Stewart Butterfield to create a multiplayer online video game. In the end, efforts in video game design served as the foundations for one of the most innovative and efficient communication platforms in the world. Maybe that’s what makes using Slack so fun!

Slack has 12 million daily users and nearly 120,000 paying customers. The platform provides its services through over 2,000 apps that integrate seamlessly into team networks. Slack uses channels to organize and simplify busy communication flows and allows for both internal connection as well as channels for companies to connect directly with customers. The concept is simple but taken for granted in most business environments. Slack is able to incorporate a smooth workflow into company practices without hindering its process and rhythm.

 In 2014, Slack went public. It’s historically one of the most successful startup companies of all time. Although rapid growth took place in the first few years of its existence, Slack continues to set annual records in customer growth and company revenue, proving the value of its innovative service. Despite being a company that’s wildly business savvy, its core values speak to its steadfast trustworthiness. Empathy, courtesy, craftsmanship, playfulness, solidarity, and thriving are Slack’s six key virtues. While some companies as successful as Slack might live by principles such as growth, innovation, and hard work, Slack’s emphasis on values that help develop deeper, kinder human connection are what make it so successful at what it does: fostering effective communication.


500 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (855) 980-5920

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Stewart Butterfield

Major Office Locations

San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Toronto, ON, Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dublin, Ireland
London, UK
Paris, France
Munich, Germany
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Osaka, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Pune, India

Major Departments & Practices

Business Development
Business Technology
Customer Experience
Customer Success
Developer Relations
Product Management
Program Management
Sales Operations
Solutions Engineering