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At a Glance


Leading international video game company

Excellent health, wellness and workplace benefits


Limited communication between divisions

Reports of micromanagement from Japanese headquarters

The Bottom Line

Nintendo of America is a well-known game designer and manufacturer that offers plenty of opportunities for those interested in creating, designing and producing video games and game consoles.

About Nintendo of America Inc.

Nintendo of America is the Western Hemisphere distribution headquarters for Japan's Nintendo, which makes the #1 home game console, Wii (pronounced "we"), which is motion controlled and able to access Netflix. It also makes the #1 handheld game console, Nintendo DS, which features two screens and intuitive touch controls. On those consoles, users can access and play such classic games as Mario Bros. , Donkey Kong , Pokémon , and Zelda . Nintendo of America is also well known for legacy systems, NES and Game Boy. Nintendo of America serves the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.


Although Nintendo's brand is more attached to Mario and its other marquee titles, the company's recent success is just as much about reaching into new gaming populations. Nintendo churns out other titles that support its "global population expansion" mantra. Its "Touch Generations" software lineup offers general interest games such as Wii Fit Plus, Brain Age, Art Academy, and Club House Games, as well as the Personal Trainer series that includes titles teaching cooking and math.

Sales and Marketing

Nintendo of America also offers a customer reward program called Club Nintendo where members can earn virtual Nintendo Coins for completing surveys on certain Nintendo products they purchase and register. Coins can be redeemed for select Nintendo products. The unit markets or licenses its products through third-party retailers including, Costco, Dell, Gamestop, Staples, Target, Thesource, Toys %u201CR%u201D Us, and Walmart.

Financial Performance

Revenues from the Americas were down more than 7% in 2014 (ended March) to about ¥220 billion ($3 billion), which was 38% of parent Nintendo's revenue. The US accounted for more than ¥190 billion.


Nintendo's strategic decisions are driven by two basic philosophies: make games for everyone, not just traditional gamers, and design games specifically for Nintendo hardware. Because of the latter philosophy, Nintendo has shown no indication that it will make its games available on third-party devices such as smartphones and tablets. Unlike competitors Microsoft and Sony, who make systems focused less on game design and more on game performance, Nintendo designs its hardware to attempt unique styles of gameplay. The Wii U console, launched in 2012, continues that tradition with its tablet-like controller.

Nintendo of America Inc.

4600 150th Ave Ne
Redmond, WA 98052-5115
Phone: 1 (425) 882-2040

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Director Channel Marketing: Scott Bell
CEO: Reginald Fils-Aime
Executive Vice President Sales And Marketing: Matt Kasson
Employees (This Location): 855
Employees (All Locations): 955

Major Office Locations

Redmond, WA

Other Locations

Redwood City, CA
New York, NY
North Bend, WA